Track 1:  Pandemic Threat

  1. Implementing and harmonizing policies and regulations to achieve universal health care (UHC) and the International Health Regulations (IHR)
  2. Assessing disease burden
  3. Preventing the next pandemic: the role of laboratory systems and networks
  4. Combatting antimicrobial resistance
  5. Others

Track 2:  Laboratory Response

  1. Innovating and improving laboratory diagnostics to achieve UHC and IHR
  2. Strengthening the clinical–laboratory interface
  3. Narrowing the gap between public health and clinical laboratory networks
  4. Improving laboratory quality, safety and cost-effectiveness
  5. Others

Track 3:  Synergizing Partnerships

  1. Financing laboratory systems to achieve UHC and IHR
  2. The One-Health approach
  3. Public private partnerships and cross-border collaborations
  4. Science and education to prevent the next pandemic
  5. Others