Geospatial Digital Tools: Best Practices and Opportunities to Improve Quality and Coverage of Key Laboratory Services

Sponsors: African Society for Laboratory Medicine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Time: 17:00-20:00
Location: FCT

No invitations necessary; open to all conference registrants

Knowing where laboratory capacity and services exist is a foundational piece of data to support equitable, quality, and
efficiency in healthcare. While this type of data is simple in nature, its availability and use have been limited by
siloed efforts, limited accessibility, and technical capacity. InSTEDD, Mérieux Foundation, and Savics are leading an
interactive session on laboratory mapping, focusing on two parts:

  1.   Experts sharing recent experiences in collecting and managing data on laboratories across Africa. Further, innovators will share novel approaches in crowdsourcing and how to use GIS data to evaluate coverage, capacity, and opportunities to enhance a network of locations. The session will highlight common tools, such as DHIS2, Resource Map, Alics, & Planwise; but more importantly, share best practices and lessons learned from partners.
  2.   Additionally, there will be an interactive group design-thinking exercise, where you can meet directly with GIS experts and other stakeholders with similar challenges, to discuss your projects, and explore opportunities for how to move forward and increase your impact.

We hope you can join us to explore current opportunities to better collect and integrate geospatial data into your program.


  • Scotts Teesdale, InSTEDD
  • Xavier Morelle, SAVICS
  • Nicolas Steenkeste, Fondation Mérieux