Interested in becoming an ASLM2018 sponsor?

ASLM2018 is scheduled to be held at the Transcorp Hilton, in Abuja, Nigeria, from 10-13 December 2018. (The exhibition hall will be available from 10-13 December 2018.)

ASLM2018 Seminar Contact Person

ASLM2018 Exhibitor Descriptions

To learn more about ASLM2018 sponsorship opportunities, please download:

  • Sponsorship Prospectus (PDF)
  • Partnership Structure (PDF)

For more information, please contact ASLM Headquarters at:

Phone: +251.11.557.1021


Joseph Tito Street, Nega City Mall, Suite 800

P.O. Box 5487

Kirkos Subcity, Kebele 08

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia